Streaming & Scheduling

UPDATE: I am no longer streaming Final Fantasy on Twitch, nor am I actively using Trello for music organization. Check out my newer post for details!

As many are aware, I am an avid player of Final Fantasy XIV online. I have been experimenting with streaming on Twitch, both FFXIV and emulations of earlier Final Fantasy games. I have put together a schedule I will follow so you can watch. Below is a calendar of my intended streaming to which you can subscribe. For the moment it’s just a repeating schedule of nights I know I will be able to play and stream. I will likely revise this a lot based on scheduling changes and interest, but this should be consistent for a little while, and I’ll try not to change things that are less than a week away.

Twitch Streaming Calendar

By the way, I don’t stream voice through the PS4, so if you want to chat during the stream, I have a personal Discord server set up. Higher level permissions for the Discord will eventually be a perk for my patrons on Patreon, but I am happy to invite you in to chat. Comment below or get in touch with me in whatever way is convenient and I can link you in.

I also have a calendar related to specific music related scheduling, and I am now making it public. For the moment, most of what is on it is my mix sessions, but I will start adding more details and expected release dates over the next few weeks as I more firmly establish my new schedule. This is primarily intended, along with my a Trello board, to allow me to remain organized and transparent with my process so that my patrons on Patreon can see what I’m working on and what they can expect from me.

Music Event Scheduling

So this is one more step toward getting Patreon launched. I am struggling a bit with the intro video (mostly technical issues related to the room in which I am trying to record audio), but I should get that sorted out soon and then y’all can sign up and we can have an amazing musical journey together! Enjoy the Twitch streaming, and I’ll have new music available ASAP.

P.S. I’m totally new to most of these things so if there are more relevant tools I should be using to share this kind of info, let me know and I’ll look into it!


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