Hi, I’m Daphne Sprinkle, and I make electronic & VOCALOID music! I wrote my first song in the late 90s and have consistently produced new songs in various styles ever since. I discovered VOCALOID a few years ago and fell in love with the technology of it.

I write most of the songs and instrumentals I produce. When I’m ready for final mixing & mastering, I work with various engineers, including The Human, at Human Studios in Portland, Oregon, and Lynz Munich in Los Angeles, California. I enjoy collaborating with other artists and musicians whenever possible, such as Space Robinhood, who produced the cover art for my OMNIVERSE album and related singles, and Crowlake, who created the cover art for my upcoming holiday project.

My day job, as owner and operator of Sprinkle Media Consulting LLC, involves a lot of related activities, such as video editing, web & mobile development, photography & graphic design, and, of course, music & audio for a variety of businesses.

I also take care of an adorable Yorkie, Kirby:

Kirby Tiberius Yorkiepants
Kirby T. Yorkiepants

So, this is my website, but I also have stores and social media stuff all over the web. I also have a gaming blog that I occasionally get around to updating. I play in a table-top RPG game on a weekly basis, and I also stay current (though very casual) on Final Fantasy XIV Online (I’m Gilpurse on Cactuar, so hit me up if you want to run content).


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