Hi, I’m David Sprinkle, and I make electronic & VOCALOID music! I work for a company called Appen Global doing SuperSecretStuff™ I’m not allowed to talk about (okay, I’m called a ‘social media evaluator’, so if you know what that is, you pretty much know what I do…) I am also a full time ‘house husband’ taking care of our home and the cutest puppy in the world, Kirby Tiberius Yorkiepants.

Kirby Tiberius Yorkiepants
Kirby T. Yorkiepants

I do a lot of my own design, photography, and marketing, including music videos. I generally compose my own songs and instrumentals, and produce roughly mixed tracks in my home studio. When I’m ready for final mixing & mastering, I work with The Human, an incredibly talented producer at Human Studios in Portland, Oregon. I enjoy collaborating with other artists and musicians whenever possible, such as Marishelle Buchess, who produced the cover art for my OMNIVERSE album and related singles.

So, this is my website, but I also have stores and social media stuff all over the web. I also have a gaming blog that I occasionally get around to updating. I play in a couple of table-top RPG groups on a weekly basis, and I also stay current (though semi-casual) on Final Fantasy XIV Online (I’m Gilpurse on Cactuar if you want to do stuff).

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