(In no particular order. I will organize this properly if it ever becomes cumbersome to have a single page of random FAQs, heh…)

Why do you use VOCALOID? Can you not afford real singers?

I do love working with singers, but VOCALOID is actually the best of both worlds for me. It has the potential expressiveness of a live singer, and the flexibility of a synthesizer. I can make a VOCALOID change tones on individual syllables to craft the sound to my liking. I can experiment with a variety of lyrics and harmonies without needing time to rehearse and learn alternate versions. Most of all, I really like the sound of VOCALOID, especially as I’ve learned how to adapt to their individual quirks and characteristics and bring out the best of their signature sounds.

I really like <insert song here>, why can’t you make more like that?

I can! And eventually I probably will, but a major reason why I am an independent musician rather than being a part of the popular music industry is that I enjoy listening to and making a lot of different styles of music, so while I do revisit old songs and styles, I typically won’t do an entire album in a single genre or style. I prefer to give my big projects (albums, EPs, etc.) an overall theme and then explore that theme in different ways. So if you’re hoping for a string of synth-pop dance hits, there will likely be one or two on any given album, but not a bunch released together.

How do you pay for things, aren’t you a poor starving musician?

Yes and no. I work outside of music, and that helps with real world expenses. I work with artists who are able to do profit sharing, so that we make a thing together (an album with cover art, for example) and then we sell merch based on the album, and split the profits. And finally, I do get a lot of help from my family, friends, etc., so that I can live and work despite the fact that indie music is not a full time revenue source.

I thought you were a photographer, what happened?

I have done a lot of professional photography, both as its own thing, and in support of my music. Ultimately, with the switch to VOCALOID focused music, it makes more sense to use illustrations and paintings rather than photos now, so I am not doing a lot of photography in support of my music. Furthermore, the area in which I live now is a small town with well established retail photographers and a very conservative art community that isn’t compatible with my interests in photography, so other than occasional hobby photos I am pretty much focused on music and traditional/digital art at this point.

I have a question that isn’t answered here. What should I do?

Ask it here.