Gone Dark…

You may be wondering what happened to me. It’s been months since I last posted. Here are some of the things I’ve been doing:

  1. Moving back to the Oregon Coast.
  2. Replacing my nearly dead computer system with a new one.
  3. Working on an album. And a bunch of singles (lots more on that to come…)
  4. Preparing to launch a Patreon page.
  5. Learning Adobe After Effects and developing a new visualizer style for my videos.
  6. Learning to tune two new VOCALOIDs (Avanna & Dex from Zero-G).
  7. Playing my TTRPGs as schedules have allowed (more on that to come as well…)
  8. Playing Final Fantasy XIV (yes, I still do that…)
  9. Experimenting with streaming FF XIV on Twitch (that part is relatively new…)
  10. Learning to make a cheesesteak (this town doesn’t have a proper cheesesteak shop).
  11. Training Kirby to shake hands.
  12. Oh, and finally got a proper domain name for this site, so update your links!
  13. Probably other stuff.

But really, the move and the computer system revamp is what really threw me off. I’m just not in the habit of posting stuff when I don’t have music to release, and those events threw my schedule way off, so I’m just now really starting to get my feet back under me. And on that note, I should mention…

  1. I’m not actually done moving yet! I am here, but a lot of my stuff is still back in Washington, so I may have to “go dark” at least once more this year, depending on how things go. Plans are up in the air right now.
  2. I am ramping up to be much more efficient. Stay tuned for more on that in the coming months.
  3. You can actually watch my progress on my upcoming album and single projects here on Trello. Hopefully it’s pretty self explanatory, but I may do a walk-through video at some point soon to show people how I will be staying organized (and transparent) going forward.
  4. Oh yeah, and this is Kirby….


Okay, so there’s a quick update. Enjoy the revamped website, let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see on here, anything broken that needs fixing, etc. I will be starting to push out releases, my Patreon, more YouTube content, etc., in the coming months as life allows. Things should be more or less stable again well before the end of the year, so bear with me in the meantime.

But enough about me, how’ve you been?


7 thoughts on “Gone Dark…

    1. The default is that I post as my “sprinkink” word press site that I never use for anything. But, it’s Mom, in case you couldn’t tell. 🙂

    1. I’m bbphrogger on Twitch, so I think my channel is twitch.com/bbphrogger, but I’ll double check when I’m at my computer and edit this if needed.

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