“Pulse” is the first track on the album “RePulse”. It will not be released as a single, so stay tuned for the full album to hear it!

The Official Video

The official video for this track is only available as part of the RePulse video, which is currently an exclusive extra only for those who purchase the album through Bandcamp.

About This Track

  • I originally intended to build this track around a ‘chromatic’ scale in order to differentiate it from other tracks on the album. As I was working on it, I instead was inspired to work a simple theme into a series of key changes around the ‘Circle of Fifths’, which made for a much more satisfying introduction to the album.
  • Some of the inspiration for the sounds on this track came from a VCMG track called “Single Blip”.
  • This is the shortest track on the album.

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About This Track


Music, art, etc., by David Sprinkle except
Mixed & Mastered by The Human @ Human Studios in Portland, OR