Hi, I’m David Sprinkle. I am originally from Santa Clara, California, and now live in Coos Bay, Oregon. I am a composer of electronic music, including instrumental works in various styles, as well as songs featuring virtual singers such as VOCALOID. I also do most of my own design, photography, and marketing, including music videos. One thing I don’t do myself is the final mixing & mastering, which I leave to The Human, an incredibly talented producer at Human Studios in Portland, Oregon. I am currently working with PushPowerPromo as a music review writer. Most days I am also a full time ‘house husband’ taking care of our home and the cutest puppy in the world, Kirby Tiberius Yorkiepants.


Seriously. Your heart just grew three sizes and broke a measuring device of some sort.

So, this is my blog and main website, but I also have most of the usual social media accounts going, and I do my best to keep them up to date and to be responsive to my fans. I also have a gaming blog that I occasionally get around to updating. I play in a couple of table-top RPG groups on a weekly basis, and I also stay current (though semi-casual) on Final Fantasy XIV Online (pretty much the only video game I play these days).

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